Hello, I am

Jiří Rusňák

an experienced


14+ years of experience 50+ successful projects

I offer a framework of proven strategic practices, services, workshops, leadership, coaching and end-to-end delivery to accelerate business decisions and innovations.

Selected Case Studies

Pet Insurance


Online dog insurance for the German market.



An extensive web app for a codification of military assets according to the NATO standard.



An online product providing all the necessary tools for leading the legal agenda.

Delivery Process

Over the years, I've developed the general process that enables to handle any task:

  1. Specification of the assignment and the study of the related documentation
  2. Creation of a delivery strategy
  3. Research and analyses, documentation of findings
  4. Finding possible solutions and their testing, evaluation of hypotheses
  5. Selection of the best solution and its elaboration
  6. Additional research, testing and optimization of the solution
  7. Documentation of the solution (if needed)
  8. Transition to the next project phase

When working, I use workshops, agile methodologies and approaches. Steps 3 to 6 may vary depending on different phases of the development of a product or service.