Jiří Rusňák

I am a UX Designer with 11 years of experience in applications and websites design. I’ve learned the importance of balancing the business needs with those of the users.



The start-up project was released in 2015 and is aimed at farmers and land owners.

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A web apps which combines a BI and geographical component into a powerful tool.

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The Municipal Police Information System helps to protect and save lives.

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My design process resembles a fern leaf (fractal algorithm). It is an iterative process with many branches, all leading to a common goal: a satisfied client and the users of their product. The whole process is displayed on a graph showing the division to standardized parts: brief, scope and strategy, and individual deliveries.

fern leaf

First of all, I need to understand the client’s goals and needs. These are summarized in a document called a Brief. The brief is then followed by a basic research, which is also used to confirmation or disavowal of the client’s own hypotheses about the end users’ states and needs. The research directs me to define the basic project range and the main strategies for its fulfilment (the base line of the fern). From now on, I iteratively work with the client and users on staggered deliveries of the product (individual leafs). Each of the iterations can require the use of different research methods, prototyping, and testing, while I always need to keep the restrictions, needs and client’s economic interests in mind.

About me

My natural curiosity, which originates in my childhood years, combines with my most valuable assets: asking the correct questions and creating with unflagging zeal. New things, events, experience and knowledge are my driving force.